The Bathroom Studio

Introducing Us

Elevate Your Home with Luxurious Bathrooms in Somerset

Welcome to The Bathroom Studio, your premier partner for crafting exquisite bathroom spaces in Somerset. Discover the perfect blend of opulence and functionality as we transform your visions into reality. Our in-house experts understand the art of creating bespoke bathrooms that cater to your style, budget, and space. With a stunning showroom nestled in Evercreech near Shepton Mallet, we’re your local bathroom design and installation authority.

Trust Our Team To Get It Right, And On Time

From conceptualisation to completion, we oversee the entire journey, ensuring that every detail aligns with your preferences. Our expert consultation process delves into your aspirations and provides insights into the finest interior features, tailored fittings, and optimal layout. This commitment to excellence is what sets us apart as the trusted name in bathroom design and installation across Somerset.

Creating bathrooms with ease and efficiency

Immerse yourself in the bathroom of your dreams with The Bathroom Studio. Our skilled team specialises in every facet of bathroom design in Shepton Mallet and beyond.

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